All My Stuffed Animals are Named Muhammed, or Mohammed

Did you catch the recent outrage over Sudan wanting to prosecute a white woman over her naming her stuffed animal Mohammed.?  It was proposed she get 40 whip lashes.

Remember the Danish cartoonist who sketched a picture of Mohamed with a bomb in his turban?  They, the Islamist spokespersons, wanted to kill him.

They say Islam is the religion of peace.  Rubbish.

A woman was brutally raped in Saudi Arabia and she is proposed to get 200 lashes.  100 for riding in a car with a non family member man, even though he was blackmailing her, and 100 for telling her story to the media.

Women are never able to prosecute rapists in Islamic countries.  Do you think it is because there is no rape?.  Nay, it is because under the law she must have more than twice as many witnesses testify for her as the man.  Nay, because if she testifies she has been raped, they will stone her to death because she cheated on her husband.  I am not kidding?  Do your homework.

The liberal media,  ABC .CBS, NBC. MSNBC, and CNN (talk about prejudice, Christiane Amanpour is the worst!)  will never tell you how it really is. 

They say most people who worship Islam do not agree with the radical spokespeople.

Demand they rise up and speak out if this is true.  I see no outrage from Islamic citizens over these outrages.

The truth seeks the light of exposure.  Rise up and trivialize these injustices.  Take a chance, name your stuffed animals, cats, rodents and be sure to tell your Islamic friends. 

Please don’t say you are fearful, lest we have already lost the battle.

If you are secular do your homework too, stop bashing Christians and thereby supporting this most violent of “religions”.

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