Equal Rights for Gays or Yet Another Scam?

We hear a lot in the media about equal rights for gays. In my work experience the fact is I probably knew less than half of my total employees who were gay, but those that were open contributed greatly and got rewarded accordingly. It seems quite hard not to support this concept on the surface. But what does it really mean? Does it mean exactly the same rights as married people? If yes, this is a concern. Besides, potentially causing a substantial impact to corporate America, I fear it would have an even greater impact on our Social security system.

How would this cause an impact to corporate America? Well, if this were the law, it seems like any HIV infected person could seek out someone employed in a company with great spousal health benefits to “couple” with and then pass the medical burden on to the corporation. I don’t think that was the original intent of such corporate health care programs. Rather, I would suspect it was part of supporting the “family”. So since the evidence indicates that Gay parents are just as good at parenting as heteros’ then this benefit should be limited to those who have adopted a child. To me that meets the intent of such programs.

Even worse is the conversation I hear amongst my friends. Several have suggested that if these laws are passed, that we each “marry” our others sons or grandsons. Older women could marry their friends’ daughters as well. That would let them vest social security payments well past our death. As crazy as it sounds, the costs could be astronomical. Would your child ultimately marry and forfeit a $2000 a month payment for life with COLA adjustments. More likely they would raise children out of wedlock. While this is obviously an unintended consequence, we need to be careful of the details!

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1 Response to Equal Rights for Gays or Yet Another Scam?

  1. My turn to rant. Marriage is a legal contract, whether it is between straight people or gay people.

    Any two people, gay or straight, can have a loving, long lasting relationship. But marriage is way to formally and legally bind these two people into a LEGAL relationship that affects taxes, insurance, social security, death benefits, etc.

    If a couple is not married, I don’t think that an employer should be forced to provide health insurance to a “domestic partner”, whether they are gay or straight. This is just fraught with potential for abuse and is unfair to everyone else trying to work within the system.

    Of course, there are always going to be people trying to “work the system”. But we need to set a level playing field. 1) Gay marriage should be legal everywhere. 2) unmarried couples should not have the legal or financial benefits of married people.

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