Has anybody noticed the disturbing trend of people refusing to take responsibility for their actions by saying “it’s not my fault!” I mean consider recent news stories, and my immediate reactions. Are we creating a society of “victims?”

1. It’s not my fault my children can’t read, they have ADD. a. Why don’t you try reading to them?

2. It’s not my fault 1 can’t afford to remove my tattoos so 1 can get a job.

a. Why don’t you borrow the money, like students who go to college?

3. It’s not my fault I can’t afford housing in Santa Barbara, a. Why not get a better job or move to Ventura?

4. It’s not my fault I can’t find a place to park my live aboard RV? a. And where do you dump that holding tank anyway?

5. It’s not my fault 1 am obese, because it is a disease, a. Are you able to walk? Why don’t you?

6. It’s not my fault thousands of people lost billions of dollars investing in my company on my recommendation.

a. How did you make money? Was that an accident as well?

7. It’s not my fault; I have Vacation Deprivation Disorder, or VDD. a. I kid you not, this was SF Chronicle news.

8. It’s not my fault I gave up my citizenship and helped attack U.S. citizens, I was Neglected by my parents. I really am “loyal”. a. Uh huh.

9. It’s not my fault your child can’t be allowed to pray, the constitution prohibits it. a. Then why does our money say “In God we trust”?

10. It’s not my fault I am pro-choice, I believe in a woman’s right to choose.

a. Then why not also allow women choose where to educate their children (vouchers), and how to invest their retirement funds (privatization).

Sooner or later, those of us who get asked to bear the costs of these victims through taxes must stop and hold people more accountable for their actions. I suggest the first ones to hold accountable would be politicians who try to get votes by creating new classes of victims,

P.S. I thought it distasteful to mention the “it’s not my fault” Yates family case.

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1 Response to IT’S NOT MY FAULT!

  1. Tony Roma says:

    Hey, that’s not funny – I have VDD

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