Open to new ideas?

I admit I am not open to these “new” ideas.

1. Aids is spread by lack of federal funding.

2. A teacher who can’t teach reading to 4th graders is supremely qualified to teach the same kids about sex.

3. Guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens are a graver threat than nukes in the hands of Iran or N.Korea.

4. The would be no art without federal funding.

5. Gender roles are artificial but homosexuality is natural.

6. Spelling errors are caused by pencils. Obvious result of “murder is caused by people with guns”.

7. Business creates oppression but government creates prosperity.

8. Self-esteem is more important than simply doing something to earn it.

9. Taxes are too low but ATM fees are too high.

10. Standardized tests are racist, but quotas and affirmative action aren’t.

11. The only reason socialism hasn’t worked is the right people weren’t in charge.

12. Transvestites, drag queens and bestiality are constitutionally protected but manger scenes at Christmas are not.

13. Price increases by businesses are bad even though it is your choice as to whether to pay them, but tax increases are good even though you have no choice in paying them.

14. You think we should do something because everyone in Europe does it.

15. You believe privacy rights, never mentioned in the constitution, are a natural right, but gun rights even though specifically mentioned in the constitution, and are not a right.

16. You believe there is enough proof of global warming to ruin our economy and no one else’s, but think we need much more information on Iran and Iraq.

17. You believe marriage is obsolete except for homosexuals.

18. Every minority problem is due to institutional racism and the legacy of slavery.

19. You believe even though phonics has worked for centuries, and is used by every other country to teach english, we should embrace a new idea called “whole language” even though it has never worked as well as phonics.

20. Rent control, living wage, affordable housing and every other nonsense that attempts to overrule the laws of economics.

21. Illegal immigrants enjoy full employment and we should encourage more of them, yet poor citizens need cash support payments due to a lack of jobs.

22. There are too many people in prison but community service in lieu of confinement cannot be tolerated as it will take away union jobs.

New Ideas I can embrace.

1. I am a lesbian trapped in a man’s body.

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