My Minister is my CEO?

      Can’t help but notice Charles Grassley (R) is talking about protecting us from overspending megachurches.  If you read my previous charity post you would expect my knee jerk reaction to be “go get ’em”.  But then I am reminded about my other comments about overpaid CEO’s, of which I was one.  Fact is there is tons of data available to shareholders and yet they still way overpay CEO’s.  Why would parishioners be any different?  In fact, is it not better to “see” your money being wasted, than having it hidden in an offshore account?   Besides the obvious issues regarding separation of church and state, is it not obvious that the adage “a fool and his money is soon parted” may be just another form of separation.  Say NO to more government bureaucracy until the ones they have already created work. If you won’t fix non-profits why start in on churches?

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