Kinko’s Certified

     As I mentioned earlier, I have read tens of thousands of Internet personals ads, responded to and met more people from these sites than I can count.  Virtually always a disappointment! Amongst my half dozen or so, single friends the numbers become statistically significant.  One thing is for sure, people lie.  While I am sure men do the same, our data indicates a very large percentage of women lie in their ads.  The lie about their age, weight, marital status, having children, etc.etc.  Heck, more than we can count use pictures that are more than 5 years old, or even those of their "hotter friends".  Heck this even applies to the proverbial "escort" sites of Las Vegas.

    This industry represents millions of people.  Sites like yahoo, match, epiphany, sea of love, millionairematch, date a millionaire, seeking a millionaire, democraticsingles, eros, craigslist, seekingarrangement, adultfriendfinder, youngsingles,and beyond, have literally millions of people registered.  I am telling you too much time is wasted on people who misrepresent themselves.

     What we need is a "certifying" organization.  I would happily pay $20 for a female to stop by Kinko’s before meeting and get certified.  A photograph would be taken that included in text her height, WEIGHT, DOB, and date of picture.  Once a woman was "Kinko certified" all males would respond in a much less skeptical manner.  Knowing that someone was that honest would make it easy to buy them a plane ticket to visit you anywhere in the US.  Kinko’s certified women would take over the personals ads. I mean why bother with a potential liar or fake, when you could have the real thing?

Come on Kinko’s step up and help revive the Internet dating industry.  Give us KINKO’S CERTIFIED as a new option available at all your locations.

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1 Response to Kinko’s Certified

  1. Tony Roma says:

    Now this is a good practical idea. I think you should take it a step further and get certifications in how good they are in bed since that seems to be an important part of the value. Maybe Kinko’s would go for it if that were included?

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