Is Paris Hilton God?

     First, let me say I am not a religious person, even though I was raised Catholic.  I always appreciated that the world’s religions provided a core value system to their believers.  For example, Christianity provided us with "thou shalt not……" Judaism taught us how to eat, Buddhism gave us inner peace through meditation and moderation, Islam teaches "kill or enslave everyone else", and of course the fastest growing religion in America "FSM", teaches us an alternative  to Darwinism or Intelligent design.  Virtually all other religions provide a theme on how to live your life.

       With the abandonment of many organized religions in the Western nations due to propagation of the socialist agenda, people have been forced to seek an alternative.  This void seems to be being filled by Celebrity worship.  In fact, the psychiatric community has already recognized it as a problem by calling it Celebrity Worship Syndrome or CWS.  There are literally dozens of weekly print publications and hundreds of websites that provide information on how your chosen celebrity (kind of rhymes with deity) lives their lives.  These lives are filled with new values not before recognized in previous religions.  These new "values" include but are not limited to; shoplifting, anorexia, bulemia, cellulite, baby acquisitions, wrecking expensive cars, sex for publication on the Internet, rehab, alcoholism, drug abuse, and the list goes on  and on. 

     In Las Vegas worshippers pay extraordinary amounts of money consume alcoholic beverages in anticipation of an "appearance" of their chosen deity.  Many worship more than one due to the difficulty of sighting a single one.  Dedicated "paparazzi" provide ongoing photographic evidence of the existence of your God, and updates on how they live their lives.  By extrapolation, one assumes you must live your life accordingly.  This new form of worship is endemic throughout Britain, Australia, Europe and America.  The good news at least in America this form of worship helps deal with potential worries associated with the money becoming worthless,houses becoming worthless, the disappearance of the average stock investor, and the upcoming election of a new president who doesn’t have the sense to realize they shouldn’t want the job in the first place.  Hmmm, wait, didn’t Bill and Al go in poor and end up rich?  I get it now.

      just to be safe during  this holiday (read Holy day) season, thank you, Paris, Brittney, Lindsey, Tom, Pamela, Al, and all the rest.  And of course we will be forever grateful for your well thought out political insights as well. 

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1 Response to Is Paris Hilton God?

  1. Tony Roma says:

    Are we the output of “Intelligent Design”? Just how intelligent was the designer? maybe we got the remedial intelligent designer? I hope that somewhere in the universe that the output of the intelligent designer was better, maybe we were version 1.0?

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