How Democrats keep the Poor Poor


      It is well understood that education is the key to success in America.  It has been for generations, and many of us are now proud to be the first college graduate in our family.  It is also well understood that the quality of education in America has declined.  America no longer places in the top 5 countries in tests and contests in math skills.  Reading comprehension and ability has declined.  The entire curriculum of education has been changed with little input from parents. 

      First the system that taught us to read was called phonics.  It gave you tools to figure out words and make educated guesses on spelling and pronunciation. You still have to memorize odd cases like why doesn’t rough rhyme with through?  Today, our public education system has replaced phonics with a rote memorization system call whole language.  In this system you basically learn to memorize words on sight.  If you want your child to read better, you have to go buy phonics separately or enroll your child in a private school.  Math and Science teachers no longer have to have math and science degrees.  The private sector pays extra for this educational background, but our educational system refuses to embrace free market concepts such as supply and demand.  As a result, teachers that are incapable of tutoring a subject are allowed to teach it.

     Virtually all public school teachers belong to a union.  The union is very clear that it is their purpose to get more money for their constituents i.e. teachers, and NOT to worry about the quality of education.  Kind of like my experience of working at General Motors in the 1970’s.  The largest single expenditure of the hundreds of millions of dollars in union dues that are paid to these organizations is donations BACK to the democratic party.  Hence the Democrats MUST protect one of their largest sources of funds by preventing the public from going elsewhere for education of their children.  Choice is something for a woman to have in regards to having a child, and then they rip it away when it comes to educating those same children. 

      Numerous groups have cried out for vouchers for the poor to be able to have a choice in the education of their children.  We know the rich already send their kids to private school, as do Catholics and members of other religions.  The people left behind are the poor.  We keep hearing about the growing wealth gap, well it is no coincidence there is also a growing education gap as well.  

     In business, I cannot imagine tolerating my employees saying "I know the quality of our work is poor, but if you paid us a lot more we would do better".   I would say how about if I pay you more if you improve the quality?  More likely I would just outsource the whole thing.  Hmm sound familiar?  I think that is the whole point of education vouchers for the poor.

     Lastly, we all know the democrats are in power.  No other major country holds elections on a workday. Why is that?  I mean why do we vote on Tuesday? It is easy for salaried employees to leave work during the day to vote.  Students and the retired also have a lot of flexibility, but those who work hourly must wait until the end of the workday and endure unbearable lines.  Why doesn’t the democratic party move voting day to Saturday if they are so interested in helping the poor and middle class have a voice in the direction of America? In fact, why is it the democratic party has more donations from wealthy people, and all its leaders are wealthy, and yet they claim to represent the poor.  Sounds quite similar to the old monarchies of Europe, doesn’t it?

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