The BIG “O”!!

Not that big O!

     I am talking about Oprah and Obama! This election cycle is sure frustrating. Normally I just vote for whomever I think is most likely to let me keep as much of my money as possible. Unfortunately, even the republicans have become big government, big spending “guys”. Now it is not so easy. Now I feel if you are going to rob me, at least promise me something in return.

     Health care maybe, but I already have that. I do think too many potential entrepreneurs (we need lots more) forgo it for a cushy government job with benefits. If everyone had the same benefits, maybe more would take risk.

     School vouchers would be great, I don’t have any school age kids, but at least that might give me hope for the future.

     Projecting our military might and new weapons or spying tools is interesting, but based on track record I could use a break. I know I have had enough of projecting our military might for a while though.

     I am all for letting anyone come here and work for less, but if that also means we have to give them high priced health care, retirement, and education for their children, I would suggest we pass on this “discount”. Sometimes free is just too expensive! Seems like companies get cheap labor and we (not them) have to pay for all the other benefits. Besides I am too old to learn another language.  Just got an incredible Email..look for a new post on this topic!

      Oprah is an interesting endorsement. She is not a screaming, illiterate wacko like Barbara Streisand, and I doubt she would jeopardize her “brand” for  just anyone. She certainly hasn’t in the past. While I don’t agree with her on many topics, I can never seem to fault her intentions. I wish I could say that about many of her peers. I can’t figure out what Obama would really do, but since I can figure out what Hillary would do, HE IS MY DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE by default! This even though a leading Black spokesperson named Andrew Young says Bill Clinton has slept with more black women than Obama! Not that is a great qualification for “first manlady”!!!! (sounds like malady huh?)

Go Oprah!

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