Destroying the CIA Tapes..Thank God!


     Now there is a furor over the destruction of CIA tapes of interrogation.  I am so disappointed in the leaders of the CIA and Bush administration for cowering over this.  Of course the tapes were destroyed.  If they hadn’t been destroyed, by now we and our enemies would be watching them on YouTube.

     Let’s back up.  Why make a tape in the first place?.  So supervisors can review and be in a position to represent they were aware of the techniques used and had satisfied all legal requirements. In addition, if needed, training or reprimanding action could be documented.  But, why run the risk of this being leaked out and used to brief our enemies?.  Instead the topic gets spun as though it is some form of cover up.   Nobody denies interrogations take place.  But unless we are planning to devolve into a roman like mob putting thumbs up or down on people, we should satisfy ourselves that the people we have entrusted to do this work, will do as we have instructed them.  If you don’t trust them, then replace them, but let’s not just release everything into the public domain. 

      I can imagine someone arguing why not classify them and put them away in storage just in case.  As we have seen with so many other "Classified" documents getting out, only those that serve a future purpose should be archived.  Can we just get back to talking about health care, education or immigration please?

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