BUY Guitar Hero for Christmas, Save America!

     I know this sounds ludicrous but….in visiting with many of my friends kids playing it, I cannot help but notice this game.  In fact, I recently heard Cream on the game which brought back my childhood!

     Guitar Hero is a wildly popular game that lets kids play along to FAMOUS lead guitarists and their songs.  There are several guitar like hand held interfaces for it. The great thing is that in recent years the rise of RAP and HIP HOP, has lead to the decline of great musicians and their guitars and drums to be replaced by mediocre lyrics focused on gangsterism.  Al of the kids I visited said they no longer listened to much of the hip hop on the radio.  Now that is a good thing.!

      Guitar Hero changes it all back.  Kids are listening to songs from decades ago.  Not that rock is any less establishment than today’s stuff, it is just different.  Besides learning to recognize musician skills over vocals helps round out the experience.  As with everything in life variety is the spice.

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