Global Warming, Climate Change, Carbon Credits, and the fleecing of America

     So if you are not yet outraged by these topics, I hope you will be by the time I am done. 

     First, has anyone noted that the media is not replacing the term "global warming" with the term "climate change".  i first noticed it in Australia a year ago, there the change was almost complete.  The beauty of this is that you cannot be "WRONG" if you are worried about climate change.  This change makes the ice age worries of the 70’s and warming of the present both be compatible with a political agenda. 

     Remember the Kyoto protocol?  That now defunct idea had China and India off the hook economically as they were developing (never mind that china is now the biggest polluter on the planet) countries.  Russia was to get paid money, because Siberia has so many trees, Europe had a marginal cost, and or course America had to pony up big bucks!  Fortunately, we didn’t sign up for that program.

      Well now we are being told Carbon Dioxide is a pollutant.  Never mind that every animal on the planet exhales it with every breath.  Never mind that real greenhouse gases like Methane are 50x worse in contributing to the "greenhouse" effect, but the earth emits copious amounts of it naturally, and refuses to pay taxes.  Never mind that we did the right thing and fixed the big culprits like freon and the other cholorfluorohydrocarbons which are really bad gases.  Did I mention someone forgot to tell China?

       The bottom line is they (politicians) want an energy tax.  But they know that if they propose raising gas taxes $1 to $3 a gallon they will get thrown out of office.  Note, I do believe $6.00 is correct, but not by giving them tax money.  Well, they have repackaged it as a "carbon tax".  The public will happily agree to taxing evil corporations on energy consumption as we are all members of the NIMBY subsidiary TABMAMF (tax anyone but me and my family).  Does anyone really doubt that all taxes on corporations get passed to us through higher prices?  All sorts of corporate friends of these politicians will then also get paid for carbon credits.  How will you earn these?  Most likely by planting trees.  Not you and me, but big agriculture, aqua culture,  and lumber companies will no doubt reap the benefits. 

    Be afraid, be very afraid.

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1 Response to Global Warming, Climate Change, Carbon Credits, and the fleecing of America

  1. Tony Roma says:

    Oh no, according to those PETA idiots it’s all the cow farts that are to blame so I guess we will also see a Meat Tax?

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