Ron Paul…Fatally Flawed

     So now we here he raised $ 6 million in a day.  On the surface he sounds great.  Never votes for new taxes.  Beleives in much smaller government and lower federal spending. 

      Problem is he is a hard core pacifist, perhaps further left than the left of the democratic party.  He makes Nevile Chamberlain look like a WWII war monger.  He would make Bill Clintons’ gutting of the CIA look lke a spending spree.  Imagine an America without defense just dialog. If that is what you want, he is your man. 

     BTW have you seen the picture of Hillary on Drudge?   If campaigning is wearing on her imagine what working will do!

     BTW do you really think the married women of America will let a home wrecker be first LADY?  Come on “Jewels” give it up!

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