Energy Follies…Finally an Answer!


     This is not some revolutionary technology or breakthrough of any kind.  In fact, it is the ORIGINAL societal energy resource.  Except only now do we have the technologies to scale it up. 

     GEOTHERMAL ENERGY is the Answer!  Throughout history mankind has leveraged this whenever possible. It is used to heat homes, relax in hot springs, as well as grow crops.  Hot Springs amongst Indians were considered no war zones, and warring factions could meet there to relax without threat of violence.  Boy could the world use a place like that! 

       The earth is like a giant egg.  The thin shell is our crust. It is 10-50 km thick. Volcanoes are basically holes in the shell.  We know parts of the shell are very thin.  One of the thinnest areas is in Yellowstone Park.  California has pioneering work in Calistoga around generating electricity from their hot springs.  Geothermal works 24 hours a day!  Generally, wherever there is a hot spring, it is a sign of a thin area of the earth’s crust.  Very simply put, you drill a hole, pump water in, steam comes out to drive a turbine, and you get some steam and some water to go back down the whole.  You an even use gray water.  Heat exchangers using sealed isooctane gases improve efficiency even further. 

      Today the oil industry routinely drills holes greater than 10Km deep in its quest for oil.   Unfortunately, there is no big industry to capitalize on this.  So while the federal government will happily waste $400 Billion just to explore recycling some nuclear waste, it is spending only $1B on Geothermal Energy. 

       Consider, Yellowstone used to be one of our greatest National Treasures.  but Democrats and Environmentalists decided to burn it down through a concept called "fire is natures way of cleaning house".  Imagine if you applied this principle to your own home!  Anyway, this huge park is also home to the thinnest crust on the planet.  This thin crust means lower cost and high efficiency.  Imagine a huge version of Old Faithful! I cannot believe we don’t consider developing some of the more remote tracts for Geothermal energy development.   It is very clean, works 24 hours a day, and might even help cool the earth if you believe all that climate change rubbish.

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1 Response to Energy Follies…Finally an Answer!

  1. Tony Roma says:

    Nick – That’s the answer – pitch this to Al Gore on the basis of reducing global warming.

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