Hucka Hucka Busting Love…


         Man does the Republican party need to coalesce.  This Huckabee boom will soon bust, it will be just like Fed Thompson.  Everybody ran to him until they learned more and then fled.  The same will happen here with the Huckster. 

       More importantly why is this happening?  I think it is because there is no satisfying candidate for the republicans. 

       While I like Mitt Romney, he sounds like Bush lite.  While unfair I fear it is too much to ask to ask the American public including those Baptists, Catholics, and Protestants to embrace a Mormon.  He has great sense though, and managed to survive being a governor of ultra liberal Massachusetts.

      Giuliani (jewels for short) has tons of problems.  From his bad police chief he tried to pawn off on Bush, to  philandering, to marrying a home wrecker, to yet another secretive style, and never mind the fact the firefighters hate him to boot.

     Michael Bloomberg needs to get into the race ASAP! 

      No matter your feelings or party affiliation, this cycle you need to pay attention! 



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