…..Only Outlaws will Have Light Bulbs


     Finally, our lawmakers have banned incandescent light bulbs. These will be replaced by mercury filled CFL’s for which we have no disposal program.  Never mind, the fact that they won’t work in your outdoor fixtures in the winter.  Never mind they cost 6x as much to purchase.  Never Mind the government is watching out for you!

     So now is the time to start hoarding incandescent bulbs.  As these become rare, many will seek these for unique fixtures etc.  Will we have to deal with our local pot or coke dealers to get these bulbs as well?  Of course they will still be available in foreign countries.  When you reenter the U.S. you will be asked "Do you have any light bulbs to declare?" 

     I don’t know but please read my previous post on CFL’s being dangerous.  At least learn how to protect yourself and your family should you break one of these.

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2 Responses to …..Only Outlaws will Have Light Bulbs

  1. Tony Roma says:

    Our ignorant pretense in being “Green”. My wife works at Expo and she recently gave a Green design to a client that had a 12,000 square foot mansion! hmmmm. I still favor the practical and reasonable attempts in the 70’s; Shower with a friend, If it’s yellow let it mellow, Walk to the store when you can, etc. Where has common sense gone to? Are we that stupid/shallow/ignorant? Time to watch “Bananas” again, I think Woody Allen was not too far off

  2. Tony Roma says:

    Follow up comment – there might be hope

    Expo has begun pushing vendors for LED based light bulbs, I am not sure where this started but they are also anti CFLs, recognizing that the mercury is very dangerous.

    Maybe they read Nick Athens.com?

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