Global Warming is Good For You!


     Why do we only hear bad things about global warming.  Aren’t there any good things?  Could it be because you are being manipulated?  Already you are hereby ordered to use dangerous mercury filled florescent light bulbs, yours and mine high powered sports and muscle cars have just been outlawed, and trust me you are going to PAY big time.

      Fact is, an increasing number of credentialed scientists (now over 400!) are speaking out about the bad science behind this theory.  Fact is the earth has actually cooled the last 5 yeas according to satellite data.  We all know the climate is always changing.  Fact is if in fact we were getting warmer there would  be some drawbacks but also lots of benefits including increased food production. 

      So you need to ask yourself, what is the hidden agenda?  While the U.S. consumes copious amounts of energy, we have gotten very clean in our use.  China consumes much less energy per head, but pollution per KW is many times higher than ours.  What they want is for you to quietly pay more money in GAS TAXES, utility taxes, fees, carbon sequestration projects, research, GAS TAXES, corporate taxes to be passed on to you as GAS TAXES and the like. 

     Tremendous wealth is being accumulated by these fear mongers.  From copious research grants, to funding all sorts of poorly thought out alternative energy investments  Note they are already acknowledging than corn ethanol will soon be replaced with a technology not yet proven called cellulosic ethanol.  Al Gore alone has leveraged this topic into hundreds of millions of dollars for personal gain.  No wonder he isn’t bothering to run for President. 

     This "free" society is soon to be lost, to a FEE society.!

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