A Rational Look at Same Sex Marriage

It’s all about kids!

     I have said before, my issue with this topic has to do with money.  It seems to easy to commit fraud with just a blanket new law.  After all I can "marry" my best friends’ son and thereby give him rights to my social security for the next 50 years or so!  Arranged marriages for medical care just like for citizenship will occur with tremendous frequency as well.  Needless to say, this would be a panacea for many AIDS patients.

      But letting go of the fraud problems, fact is the traditional family is not doing a great job of raising kids either.  Parents seem to have abandoned any interest in education, blindly accepting failed programs foisted on them by democrats and the teachers’ union.  Studies indicate same sex parents do just as good a job as their heterosexual counterparts.

      So let’s go back to the reasoning of why married people get certain legal benefits denied to the rest of us.  It was because as a society we place a value on the family and want to encourage and nurture it.  It is not just about giving a partner some benefits, it is about the children that typically come out of a marriage.

      So I submit we should consider the right to a GAY Marriage as having been earned when that couple adopts a child!   Not just by getting married, but in fact completing the promise of family creation.

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