So Iowa and New Hampshire Who Will It Be?

      No matter how you cut this primary season, if you are honest about it you have to come to the conclusion American voters may behave like a bunch of sheep.  What I mean is they tend to go with momentum and a perceived winner unless the candidate is simply offensive, like Hillary.

     So the Republican nomination is going to get resolved by January 9th.  Simply put, I ABSOLUTELY GURARANTEE the Republican nominee will have a first initial of "M".  This is because the outcome of New Hampshire and Iowa will lead the rest of America to follow.  If you look carefully some of the major candidates whimped out on pursuing Iowa and as a result they will have no chance.  So John, and "Jewels" goodbye.

     Fred, you blew it a long time ago.  You should have hired me as a consultant.  Why skip Iowa? 

     Ron give it a rest.  Why do you so rarely put up your picture?.  Sorry, you just don’t have the image of someone I want to protect me.  The fact is, you wouldn’t anyway.  I do wish you were the head of OMB though, or even the IRS.

     So we are left with a nominee whose first name begins with M.  All over in three weeks!

     Now I have to go figure out why in the heck Hillary is even still in the race.  My girlfriend says she will always vote for a "Big O".

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