Merry Christmass and Happy Holydays

      As I have said before I am not a religious person per se.  However, I do appreciate what various religions teach us on how to behave.  The Ten Commandments for example.  I am not so sure about the burning bush, but those commandments seem ok, with perhaps the ones about coveting a little troublesome.

     What really pisses me off is going to Wal-Mart and having employees say Happy Holidays.  When I question them about why not say Merry Christmas they say management doesn’t want to offend anyone.  Well I get offended!  I love Wal-Mart because it is non-union.  Not that I am against unions, I am against their being legally allowed to give all those union dues to the democratic party.  That is why I boycott COSTCO!

     So I am on a mission, whenever an employee says Happy Holidays, I say "you mean Happy HOLYDAYS" don’t you?

     Same with Wells Fargo.  Disgusting.  Anybody know a bank that still says Merry Christmas?  And what about no Salvation Army?  Vons’ doesn’t have one, so I turned around and went to Smith’s.

     Even worse is "Holiday lights".   I mean we don’t put up lights for Easter, or the 4th of July.  We don’t put them up on Veterans Day or Columbus day either.  Heck we don’t even put them up for Halloween.  WE PUT LIGHTS UP FOR CHRISTMAS!  That makes them CHRISTMAS lights!!!

      Come on everyone stand up and be counted, don’t let the ACLU take over!

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