Flush Your Cholesterol

     A lot of people seem to worry about cholesterol.  They take drugs like Lipitor and the like.  It seems so crazy.  A decade ago I was told I had high cholesterol.  The doctor wanted me to take Crestor or Lipitor or something.

      Anyway, this got me started on researching nutrition.  My research left me truly astounded as to how little doctors seem to know.  In fact, today my own doctor frequently asks me questions, and I have helped him lose 30 pounds! 

       Today’s topic is called a Niacin flush.  I first found it referred to by a Dr. Colgan, who writes great books on sports medicine.  Anyway, my near daily flush is now 1 gram of Vitamin C and 1 gram of Niacin or vitamin B-3.  My cholesterol level is now around 150 down from 250 before the program.

      Niacin is proven not only to remove cholesterol, but help with depression as well.  It is called a flush because you get a hot flash from it opening up your capillaries.  YOU CANNOT START WITH MY DOSES.  Here is a link that describes how to get started.  I would suggest 250 mg of Niacin to start.  As you get used to it, increase your dosage.  Do not get the time release type.  Just enjoy the flush, it tells you it is working. 


     What frustrates me is so few doctors know about this. Pharmaceutical companies hate it because there is no money in this cheap vitamin. I understand they are going to combine it with some proprietary drugs so they can get a high price.  Just do the simple solution, it is very inexpensive.

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  1. Iva Ehn says:

    Niacin or vitamin-b3 is great for anxiety and also for doing some at home detox.^

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