China is Outsourcing it’s Work to You


      As I am dealing with Christmas gifts, I can’t help bur reminisce about the "good old days".    You know when you went to a place like a furniture store, sound something you liked and a big truck came and delivered it and put it wherever you pointed.  You were greeted with a friendly "Merry Christmas" and people were singing Christmas carols, and as you walked out you heard the bell ringing of the Salvation Army.

      Well, then came globalization, you know where we send our high paying factory assembly jobs over to china for cheaper prices. 

       Well the big truck still comes except it says UPS or FEDX or something.  But instead of two or three guys, one guy drops a box on your porch and splits.  Then WE still get to do the same assembly work people used to get paid for, except now we do it for FREE.  Worse, we do it with lousy tools, no training, and are no longer covered for the injuries like cuts and bruises that inevitably occur during the assembly process.  Instructions are poor at best, and in a form of English that wasn’t part of my schooling,  with stick pictures that don’t bear any resemblance to the contents of the box, and we still have to go make do with slightly different parts from Home Depot, because the original pieces fell out when the box was punctured.

      Remember this when politicians keep promising you "change", because more of this kind of "change’ I don’t need.  In fact, remind me again about what is so bad that it needs changing in the first place.  I mean BESIDES OUR LOUSY EDUCATION SYSTEM MONOPOLY run by unions and democrats.

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