Have We All Gone Mad?


     I don’t know about you, BUT I DON’T WANT to VOTE FOR ANY of these CANDIDATES, Democrap or Republican.

     In fact, as I have wondered before, will we act like sheep and follow the lead of Iowa and New Hampshire?

     Every day it seems like we are being bombarded with abnormal news spin on every day events. 

      We know San Francisco is the most liberal town in America.  Is it just a coincidence that a tiger killed someone?  If you listen to some of the wacko commentators they would have you believe so.

      How about the biggest news of the day, the assassination of Bhutto in Pakistan.  Is this not parallel to why abortion should remain legal?  After all, it is only democrats that seem to want to kill their babies, and it is only Islamicists that want to kill their leaders.  So be it.

      Seriously, Pakistan is the most multicultural nation on earth with over 60 different religions and races trying to coexist together.  Is it any wonder the place is a zoo?  So why are so many socialists in AMERICA trying to make us over in that image?

      New Years is just around the corner.  Perhaps it is a time to commit to challenging everything we think we know.  Further, attempting to learn the facts on our own rather than rely on others to deliver the facts in a manner to support their political agenda.



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