Another Mercury Worry?


     Well I think everybody knows about the risk of mercury in big fish like Tuna and Swordfish.  Of course, sushi and swordfish are some of my favorite foods and I have to limit these to once a week now….so be it.

     I already warned you about mercury danger inherent in compact florescent lamps, especially if you break on in your home.  If you do get out!  then go to an Internet cafe and read my previous posting on the government advice and danger inherent in these ticking time bombs.

     Well, here is one more I bet you never thought about.  In the United Kingdom, 70% of all dead bodies are cremated.  By law their smokestacks have scrubbers for mercury.  No not because hey eat too much swordfish either.  It is due to the mercury in amalgam tooth fillings.

     No America is starting to worry about this as well.  There is talk about a similar law here or alternatively, requiring teeth be pulled out before cremation!  

     With all these boomers mouths no loaded with amalgam, the danger is just too great to let them just be burned up without worrying about the environmental impacts.

     So in estate planning now, don’t forget who should get your teeth!


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