Unions are UNAMERICAN!


Before you completely flip out, I understand the history of unionism.  Eighty years ago labor desperately needed to organize as at that early point in our economy corporations were clearly exploiting the surplus of labor available.

But what do I mean by UNAMERICAN?  Well, what made America great was competition.  Companies competed by building better products cheaper.  They employed capital to further improve these efficiencies with the incorporation of machinery to further increase the productivity of a worker.  We consumers continue to enjoy ever greater value as prices drop or technology increases the underlying value.  Microwave ovens, cell phones, television, Pods and the like are all a result of this process.  Unionism added nothing.  As consumers we are always looking for a better price or higher value in the products we consume.  Our eagerness to purchase these products accelerates our economy.  Further, to prevent too much success we literally banned monopolies to further encourage this competition.

Note that in Silicon Valley there is virtually no organized labor.  In fact, if anything highly talented labor is able to exploit corporations desperate for specific skills.  Labor has learned how to make itself indispensable without trying to act as a unified group. 

Bottom line, why is it that LEGAL American citizens who are willing to do the same work for less are called scabs, yet companies who can make products for less are highly rewarded.  For example, the WGA (writers guild) virtually shuts down television, yet I have no doubt many would be writers would eagerly fill the void if the opportunity presented itself.  In fact, IMHO we might get more interesting entertainment with such a revolution.

Even worse is the concept of government employees being unionized.  There is no competitive bidding, and with 33% of America employed by this sector politicians are heavily motivated to overpay.  It used to be called public service, now it would be better termed monopolistic exploitation.  Public Sector jobs offer better benefits and retirement programs than their private sector counterparts.

Education may be the worst example of all.  The union has a monopoly on organizing workers, yet resists any measures of success.  Nowhere else in America do organizations produce lower quality with less output for decades, yet get away with giving their employees above average increases in compensation over the same period. 

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1 Response to Unions are UNAMERICAN!

  1. Yes, yes, yes! I have always been “anti-union” for one basic reason: organizations work best when everyone from the CEO to the janitors are working towards one goal. A union automatically puts a wedge between certain factions and makes it impossible to have a unified organization. Going on strike basically tells your customer (who is paying your wages) to go buy a different product. If American Auto Workers go on strike, it basically tells customers to buy a Japanese car. If teachers go on strike, it give foreign students an educational advantage. Unions ARE unamerican!

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