The Best President Money Can Buy


 So I see the politicians are spending around $200 a vote in Iowa.  This is up dramatically, from what Michael Bloomberg spent to become mayor of NY, which was around $105 per vote.

So let’s see, 106 million voted in 2000.  So an easy win in 2008 would take around 60 million votes. At $100 a vote this is a MEASLY $6.0 Billion!  No, I don’t think that much will get spent, only because of all the SAFE states that won’t warrant crazy money.  But if you live in a PURPLE state ( 1/2 red 1/2 blue) brace yourself.  Places like CA and MA don’t need a lot of spending. 

So someone is donating money to help persuade you you to vote a certain way.  Ask yourself, WHY?

Does anyone really think these donations come without strings?  I mean if nothing else I know they give you access that the average citizen does not enjoy. 

I fear the process is out of control….

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