A Free Democracy? Rubbish

I have heard the United States referred to as a "free democracy".  Watching these election primaries and the eager spending of hundreds of millions of dollars, reminds me that this is "hardly "free.  Imagine yourself as a political candidate, and someone helping directly or indirectly to raise $100,000 for you to spend on your campaign.  Do you honestly think you would not accept every subsequent phone call that "donor" made.  Why do you think they would help with such a donation in the first place?

Bottom line, as you listen to various candidates try to imagine what the hidden agenda might be.

As an example, recall the Clintons’ went into office relatively poor.  Now they enjoy an over $100 million dollar net worth as a result of that position.  Hillary turning $1000 into $100,000 trading commodities now seems like chicken feed to them. 

Al Gore as turned his spurious global warming campaign into over $250 million and continues to rack up the wealth associated with investments in spurious ideas for alternative energy.  This even as more and more scientists finally come out of the closet and finds the courage to debunk his bogus data.

Once again, this is all about money, or more specifically separating you from what little you might have.

This election season try to figure out who will take the least from  you and vote that way.  Do not get suckered by the thought of they will take more from others than me so they must be ok…

Best of luck..

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