NEVADA CAUCUS DAY! A First hand Description

So today was Nevada Caucus day.  My first time in a caucus.  Same for my girlfriend.

You drive down to a High School that was sent to you in the mail.  Lots of bad drivers, you wonder if you aren’t at the Democartic caucus by mistake.  Follow the crowd inisde.   No instructions, but there is a large group of people milling around the wall,  So you bully your way to the front and try to figure out what the old ladies are reading for the last 10 minutes.  Turns out there is a big list of precinct numbers and room assignments.  Just under 50 precincts.  Who the heck knows their precinct number?  Turns out the crowd is in front of a map trying to figure out their precinct number.  That takes about a minute.  Still no idea why the little old ladies are moving their fingers around all over the map.  They were still there when I left.

We also fill out an opinion poll on who we are voting for, and how long we have been committed etc.  We try to be as honest as possible.

 Now you have to go find the room.  I pity high school students, hallways are not orthogonal, and room number is confusing as there seems no logical system of numbers.  But we get to our room a little early.  Seems like everyone knows everyone except me and my girlfriend.  We comment, oh oh, same church?  About 56 people in the room.  I cannot help but notice high school room is a math class and is wider than deeper, just the opposite from when I went to school in the previous century.  I like the new style, everyone is closer to the front!   Teacher is forced to pace back and forth across the class.

 Anyway, first order of business is elect a chairperson, and a secretary.  There is a woman reading from the sheet wearing a BLUE Romney for president T shirt.  She says she will lead unless someone else wants to run.  Nobody challenges her, even though it quickly becomes clear she cannot pronounce Romney’s name. Her version rhymes with hominy.  so every time she says it there are low chuckles.  Back corner has a small group of young couples, and the rest are clearly older.

Now we need a secretary to record the votes.  A great woman volunteers.  I said great cause she writes neat and large!

Now we need to elect 12 delegates to the county convention.  12 to represent 55!  14 people raise their hand to run.  I do not volunteer, as I am traveling out of the country on that day.  WE ARE TOLD YOU CAN ONLY VOTE ONCE!  Anyway, we hold an election and fortunately 2 of the 14 don’t get ANY votes.  Someone asks why didn’t you vote for yourself, and the answer is I voted for my kid!  Since I don’t know anyone, I pick the best last name!  He comes in third.

Now we need to elect alternates in case some delegates don’t show up.  The self appointed moderator realizes she forgot to follow the rules.  The candidate delegates were supposed to give a one minute speech so we would know something about them.  Oh well, on with the show!  So we get 7 volunteers, mostly spouses to the winners.  Everytime a woman is either a delegate for alternate, lots of buzz from other women about needing more women.  Scares me to death reminding me that is why so many women vote for Hillary without knowing anything!  Then we vote again so they can be ranked in order 1-7, depending on how many delgates don’t show up in March.   This is done smoothly.

After screwing up on the instructions, this time the moderator reads out loud the instructions on voting for candidates.  One person is allowed to speak for 2 minutes on behalf of a candidate.  Not much contest here, room defers to first volunteer.  It was great.  NOBODY even wanted to speak on behalf of either the Huckster, or even McCain! After nobody spoke for Hucky, I said “I love you guys”.  After all these are my neighbors.  After nobody spoke for McCain, my girlfriend gave a high five and “yes!”.  We were the only outspoken people in the room.  Decided we better try to fit in from then on..

So we run out of ballots.  Moderator says write on a white paper instead. More ballots arrive, lots of confusion.  Bottom line we end up with 3 too many votes.  Nobody is fessing up.  So the romney spokes person says remove the extra Romney votes just to be fair! I cannot resist and point out this feels like a democrat run opperation that encourages people to vote early and often!  So much for my trying to be low key!  So we count the ballots.  Romney (does not rhyme with hominy!) 41, Paul 8, Jewels 2, Dunkin (?) Hunter 2, Thompson 2, and Hucky got 1!

Needless to say I doubt my precinct was representative of the Nation.   But we did our part.  One hour well spent!

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2 Responses to NEVADA CAUCUS DAY! A First hand Description

  1. Very good account of what transpired at our caucus. Thanks for being part of the process!

  2. Fairly accurate account. I’d like to point out that there were about 5 – 6 homes represented from Westwood, some of the “young families” were from accross the street in Meridian, and Joe Brezny, lives 1 home outside of Wwood.
    One precinct had 7 people show. That’s apathy!

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