NO on Clinton/McCain!!

Change, that is the platform every presidential politician seems to be running on.  Why? Because they know the public realizes how crooked politicians are, and that we want the process all blown up!

I am conservative.  I believe in small government, low taxes, entrepreneurialism, abortion during the first 3 months ONLY, and marriage between any two people who have children.  Because heterosexual couples have a track record of having children they can get married first.  Gays should be able to marry after adoption.

But I too am disgusted.  Al Gore has made hundreds of millions by lying about global warming.  How?  By getting options in alternative energy companies that would not be viable without him having created a public and government panic over alternative energy.  I too am a big fan of alternative energy, not ethanol but butanol, , not wind but geothermal, not hydrogen but solar etc.

So while I think Romney is by far the best candidate, I realize readers may have other opinions.  That is fine, however, remember  Clinton and McCain represent the old way of doing things.  They owe favors to the old infrastructure.  Why do you think the black leaders support Clinton?  Because she will do whatever to pay them back.  If Obama wins he owes them nothing!  McCain is the father of amnesty for criminals, and owes his entire career to lobbyists.  He loves taxes and is a true RINO.  Note how difficult it is for him to raise money from the public?

So no matter whether you are democrat or republican, religious or not, PICK SOMEONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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