A Cure for Obesity?


By now my readers know I favor individual responsibility OVER  State responsibility for the individual.

In addition, I strongly favor choice.  This includes education via  vouchers, abortion for 3 months, whom I sleep with and the like.

However, I have to admit, once we realized just how bad cigarettes were, it made sense to ban advertising them.  It even made sense to reduce or eliminate the appearance of this activity in movies by what some consider to be "role models".

I now find myself saying why do we allow food advertising?  I mean it is not like I don’t know when I am hungry.  Do they really need to create demand?  It seems like the TV onslaught starts around 8 p.m. with every kind of cheesy, crunchy, meaty, toasty, sloppy and sexy food imaginable.  Does society need this?.  Ban this crap!

Until then may I suggest you follow this rule. 

If a food is described by a word ending in "Y"  DON"T EAT IT!.

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2 Responses to A Cure for Obesity?

  1. Tony Roma says:

    The no “Y” diet. I like it!

  2. Hey, here’s a good start – make Muffin Man (http://www.MuffinManTheMovie.com) required viewing in school!

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