Thank You Bill Clinton


So Obama wins S.C. in a landslide.  In fact, by margins much larger than any polls predicted!  Why?  What happened at the last minute.  I suspect, people got disgusted with his slimy, lying last minute cheap shots at Obama.

The course vote statistics make for some interesting observations.

1.  50% of voters were black.

2.  80% of black voters voted for Obama

2.  40% of voters were women.

3.  Obama won 54% of the vote.

4.  Hillary won 27% of the vote.

5.  Edwards won 19% of the votes.

So this also probably means roughly 20% of voters were white women.  I assume she got all of these!  And it means that 8% of the votes for Clinton were Blacks. 

It also implies 40% % of the Obama votes were white men.

White men and women in S.C are not happy couples tonight!

Doesn’t leave much room for white men does it.?  Sorry John Edwards.

At least I AM NOT ALONE!

P.S.  What Nevada showed us though, is Hillary had a similar landslide amongst Hispanics.  Nationwide, they outnumber blacks boy more than 2 to 1.  So I estimate she owns virtually all of single women but less than half of married women and 80% of Hispanics.  Since the blacks and Hispanics in America have evolved to become natural competitors, for jobs, neighborhoods and the like, it is only a matter of time before blacks realize their clout in the democratic party has been sold out for the bigger Hispanic vote.  This is the end of the "Rainbow Coalition".

We live in interesting times.. 

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