Microhoo? I Smell a Rat!

So today Microsoft announces a hostile bid for Yahoo at $45 billion dollars.  Every pundit on TV says to stock holders take the deal!

I used to work at Microsoft.  I have little regard for management.  HOWEVER, this looks brilliant!

On the surface, this seems insane.  Softee has never done a major acquisition.  These two cultures would clash unbelievably.  So unless Ballmer got the crazy acquisition disease from Meg Whitman at EBAY, this deal smells!

Already the antitrust issues in America and Europe are rearing their ugly heads.

Why did he (Ballmer) do it?  Maybe it is because he wants to derail the DoubleClick acquisition by Google.  The U.S. has said Ok, but Europe is still studying. 

There is precedent for this in the soda wars between Coke and Pepsi.  Recall an attempted acquisition of Dr. Pepper by Pepsi was derailed by Coke trying to also do a big acquisition.

I smell a rat!  Want to bet it doesn’t happen?

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3 Responses to Microhoo? I Smell a Rat!

  1. Tony Roma says:

    My bet is NO! Any takers?

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  3. Widetrack says:

    Hey, I’ll bet that they will soon relocate yoohoo to the former Storage Tech campus outside of Boulder, CO that it is rumored softee has just purchased?

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