It’s Official!!! OBAMA Wins The Nomination!

Ok, So I am First!.  But without going through all the arcane democratic party rules affecting superdelegates and especially TEXAS delegates, there is now NO CHANCE for Hillary to win.

She cannot catch Obama.  In fact, if you were to believe in conspiracies, the Texas delegate rules are specially designed to disenfranchise her Latino voters in Texas!  Truly unbelievable since her team wrote the rules, but black voters in Texas get 2 to 1 leverage in Texas! Has to do with heavy weighting by district on who voted in the past, and the latinos forgot to get out the vote in 2004 and 2006!

So while television is heavily motivated to create suspense for as long as possible, especially considering how long the writer’s strike took, I am telling you it is Obama versus McCain.  They both know it as well and will immediately upon this posting begin attacking each other. 

You can go ahead and get on with your life.

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