Why I Now Love Hillary Clinton

Hillary has obviously lost a nomination that was hers.  Why?  Because she had a bad strategy!  She took the resT of the United States for granted, thinking that Ca and New York was enough.  She literally left the rest of America to be organized by Obama.  Scary awful for a leader to leave huge territories undefended.  Thank god she will not be our president!

Why do I love her?  Because due the the imcompetence of George Bush, I truly believed the backlash would be so great that America would capitulate to literal unfettered Democrat control in the next election.  I think we all know it is better when our Senate and Congress is relatively evenly split.  George Bush had set up a landslide.   Thank God for Hillary.

She has lost because of her own failings.  She should quit.  Unlike Mitt Romney she doesn’t care what is good for the party only herself.  So she continues to battle, slinging mud against Barack, and opening up windows for McCain to shoot through.  The longer she does this the less chance of a landslide, and the greater likelihood of a tight election.

 Thank you Hillary, keep up the fight!

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