The Night Safari in Chiang Mai is Awesome!

I just returned from 6 weeks in Thailand and Cambodia.   One of the best sights is the night safari in Chaing Mai, Thailand. Unlike many Asian zoos where you can’t help fell bad for clearly abused animals (phnom phen in Cambodia comes to mind), this tourist sight is incredible. 

You start the tour with an hour “walk through” at sunset which lets you get an idea of what is to come.  But the walk through gives you the impression  of animals in cages.  Only when you get on the zoo train do you get close to animals romaing free.  For an American who is used to all the safety precaution, this experience is incredible.  The zoo has kind of spearate sections, with “food” roaming free (antelopes, buffalo, deer etc.) and predators just the other side of an electric fence and way to small moat.  I was amazed at the thought of lions, tigers and jaguars, just meters away from their favorite foods and not jumping the fence!  Even more amazing is riding through at night in an unprotected zoo train which passes as close as a few feet from animals like wlldebeest, buffalo and antelope.  I have no doubt in America kids would jump out and chase these animals.  I know I even considered it! 

Being from Vegas it is a little disheartening when the show ends with a fountain laser light show that is better than the one at Bellagio!

If you are ever in Thailand this is a must see!

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