How Al Gore is Starving People

I think everyone is well aware that Al Gore is the front man for Alternative Energy (we need it) and extra taxes on the American public (which we don’t need).  He is a key investor as well as partner in many Silicon Valley venture Capital startups that focus in this area.  He is in fact now much richer than the Clintons’ ($100 million at last count). 

Now an increasing number of people are saying that the SUN is the biggest contributor to climate change. 

Even worse, the hysteria over oil prices is leading many politicians to willy nilly, i.e. without analysis plunge into anything promising. 


Using corn as a food stock to make ethanol is complete insanity.  Without subsidies corn ethanol costs more than any oil, AND has 15% LESS energy per gallon.  Worse, even though the United States is the largest supplier of food to the world, this inane program now sucks up 25% of our production.  This makes us a country that literally burns food!  Note that it takes 450 pounds of corn to fill a 12 gallon tank with ethanol!  As a result, prices of grains are skyrocketing so fast it is contribution to overall inflation, and resulting in food riots around the world. 

With over 30% increase in food costs in the last year, the UN can now only feed 30% FEWER people, especially in Africa.

I don’t really blame Al Gore for this, after all he is just a paid for spokesmodel for bigger financial interests, that is his job.  However, I do blame sucker politicians who vote for this stuff, and try to manipulate the voting public without advising them about their paybacks to special interests.  

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  1. There was a very in-depth article about two years ago on this issue in Consumer Reports. I was astounded by how clearly it was shown that corn ethanol is economically unfeasible. It’s not even close to being a viable energy source in any forseeable timeframe. Not only does it take more energy to create than it produces, and it drives up corn prices, but automobile engines that burn ethanol have higher emmissions, substantially lower mileage, and less horsepower. It’s time to admit that the experiment is a failure and stop pumping more money into this sinkhole.

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