A Micro Analogy on Illegal Immigration

So let’s carry our current immigration policy down to the personal level.

One day you come home from work and find a foreigner has broken into your house.  He says, I did it!  BUT, I did it because it is mich nicer than mine and I want to improve my life.  So you MUST share it with me and in exchange I will cook and clean for you.  I will also make repairs as needed. 

But, if you don’t all my friends will come picket in front of your house.

Also, you need to provide education for my children, pay for my health care, and make room for my family.

BTW, I don’t speak english so you need to learn my language so we can communicate.

Hmm…I will have to think on that deal!!!

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1 Response to A Micro Analogy on Illegal Immigration

  1. immigrant says:

    what kind of reasoning is that? you must be one of those ignorant southern people that blaim their missfortune on everybody else. YOU are an immigrant even if you were born here, unless your 100% indian. Your insulting yourself in this comment. Typical, of american arrogance. you seem to forget that it’s a 200 year old country. so when/if you go abroad, you should be treated like the immigrant you are in the u.s as well as throughout the world…You might understand what citizenship is.

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