BEWARE of Cheap Used Cars!

Well here we go again.  We have disastrous flooding throughout the midwest.  We have all seen pictures of thousands of partially submerged cars.  All of those that are insured are effectively “totaled”, and will be taken by insurance companies as “salvaged title cars”. 

 What happens to these cars.  Well from first hand information these cars are cleaned up and shipped to unsuspecting states like California and Arizona.  So even though the buyer is advised this is a salvaged title car, the seller can honestly say he doesn’t know the history as it was bought at auction.  But boy look at what great condition it is in.

Well, needless to say imersion of an electrical system in polluted water is not the best idea for an automobile.  My mechanic friends all have dozens of horror stories of trying to trouble shoot these cars from previous floods.  They are already bracing themselves for an onslaught of these in 3 months or longer. 

 One of the easy ways to check a salvaged title car that has been flooded is to remove a door panel.  Invariably there is a “bathtub ring” showing just how deep the car was flood.  Even totally submerged cars will show evidence of residue. 

While you might get lucky and one of these will be an incredible value, more likely it will turn into a headache. 


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