Ok, I have always been a republican, small government and low taxes was the platform I thought. 

Complete rubbish. I didn’t realize they were destroying the value of the dollar, running up huge deficits, and waging a perpetual military enterpise.  Of course, I was a republican because all the socialist propaganda from democrats was just plain offensive. 

But there is no denying the last 8 years of George Bush has been a disaster.  Who cares whether the “surge” finally worked or not?  The point is we should have left the moment we found Saddam in the rat hole.  After all wasn’t that the “mission”.  Too bad the Democrats were wrong and Bush wasn’t after the oil after all  At least that would have been some reason for all the waste.

 Bottom line, as you watch these politicians, neither party gives a rip about you.  It is about their power and money.  They gerrymander the districts to keep themselves in power.  They take huge amounts of money from “donors” and pay them back with “earmarks”.  

There is no difference between a republican or a democrat, after election they become completely self serving.  As time goes on they further entrench themselves to make “elections” a farce.  After all, they point out as they get seniority, they get MORE power and that is somehow supposed to be good for you..HMMMMM.

 This election some websites are encouraging you not to support any candidate, or just vote no.  Kind of  a protest vote.  Unfortunately, in our two party system, this seems like just a waste of vote. 

 What should we do?

I think we should just vote against all incumbents.  That is right, no matter what just vote no on incumbents.  Over time, that strategy would eventually level the playing field, restore power to consituents, and kill the idea of career politicians.  The whole idea of public service would be restored. 


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1 Response to HOW TO VOTE IN 2008

  1. Widetrack says:

    I’ve advocated not voting for incumbents for many years. I fully support your proposition. Elected officials quickly become contaminated by special interest pressures and are usually hopelessly out of touch with the electorate after only one term.

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