Why Oil Drilling is NOT the Answer!

I think most of us worry to much about the price of gas, rather than the much larger strategic implications of oil prices and whom we buy it from.

We currently buy 75% of our oil from outside our contry.  This is of the order of 15 million barrels a day!  This is more than the next 5 largest consumers combined.  Many of us started to change behavior on consumption when gas hit $4.00 a gallon.  We should have changed when we saw the dollar become worth less than 1 Euro, not 1.5 Euros.

 The real issue is the transfer of wealth associated with buying foreign oil from anybody.  It doesn’t matter whether it is Canada, Mexico, or Saudi Ariabia.  It doesn’t matter whether it is $60 or $120 a barrel.  What does matter is the fact that we are moving a lot of our assets to other countries to feed our energy demand.  Think of it, over $150 million a day! This is devaluing our money, and making it too easy for these people to come back and buy our assets ike companies and real estate.  People waste their time fretting about jobs going overseas, while the much bigger issue of ownership goes overseas as well.

 Bottom line, the price of oil should NOT be what we focus on, but rather our independence of having to buy it from other countries.  As a mental exercise, imagine how er would feel if we had to buy bombs or ammunition for our military adventures from foreign countries as well.  While we are at it, could we stop going to war for a while.  It seems to be a strategy that works for Japan.  Oh well ,I digress.

So, while I am in favor of drilling, albeit offshore out in the middle of the Atlantic, next to Cuba, or in ANWR, even the most optimistic forecasts don’t come anywhere close to the needed 15 million barrels a day we need.  So fine, we drill…then what?

 America needs to WAKE UP.  This is war, but it is being waged on an economic basis, not a military basis and we are clearly losing.  The mission is to no longer buy energy from anyone else.  Perhaps maybe some hydroelectric power from Canada, as a good partner.  But bottom line, we Americans need to make this a priority.  How do we do this?

1.  Conserve.  The absolute fastest thing we can do is consume less energy.  Drive less, more efficient cars, buy local, manage our homes and lifestyles.  Oil supply didn’t change but simply cutting gas consumption 1.8% in the last few months, lowered prices by over 15%.  Keep it up.

2.  Support Alternative Eneriges.  Do not worry whether they are currently economically efficient, but rather do they keep the money home.  Even higher priced home grown energy is a better deal than outsourcing it from someone else.  That means support windmills.  If it takes a wall of them 20 miles wide stretching from Texas to North Dakota so be it.  Maybe we can paint them to look like giant flowers or something.  Ok, it doesn’t work all the time, but the point is it works! 

Support Solar for the same reasons.  Have you ever driven across New Mexico?  Now this is something useful to do with all that desolate land.  Nevada and Arizona qualify as well.

Geothermal is obvious.  let’s do more of that.

Lastly, our competitors all freely use nuclear energy.  Be it France, China, Norway, or Iran.  It works.!   It is easy to see China is on the same mission.  They are building twice as many nuclear plants than even John McCain has proposed. 

 3.  Reeducate your friends neighbors, and colleagues when they complain about the price of gas.  Drilling is not enough, we must do more….much more.   Avoid people who think drilling alone is the answer, stupidity is not only genetic, it appears it is also contagious!

 This is war, your lifestyle depends on it, your childrens’ future depends even more on it.  Act like it!!

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2 Responses to Why Oil Drilling is NOT the Answer!

  1. David Workman says:

    Hmmm – on Dec 8, 2007, you said “I submit we should stop consuming ANY of our own oil, and buy all we can from other countries.” A bit of a contrdiction in philosophy between the two posts? But yes, the main message is that we NEED to conserve. My family of four is currently living without a car – for two years we’ve walked everywhere or relied on public transportation. Frustrating at times, but worth the sacrifice.

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