Watching this election play out has been very interesting.  At this point it looks like McCain will lose by a wide margin, perhaps rivaling Clinton’s 1996 victory.  When you look at it, it doesn’t make sense on the surface.  Even the Clinton’s thought Obama was unelectable.  Whether it was race, or just extreme policies, there was a lot of doubt.  So what happened?

 RUSH LIMBAUGH.  I credit him with singlehandedly bullying McCain into the selection of Sarah Palin as Vice President.  While many think Lieberman was McCain’s desired choice, many others felt the professionalism of Romney would have solved McCain’s economic weakness.  Imagine what a different discourse, if Romney had been there during the banking meltdown.  Instead we got Palin the “post turtle”. What is a “post turtle” you ask.?  Imagine walking down a country road and seeing a white fence with a turtle sitting on top of a post.  You wonder how that turtle got on top of that post. You know the turtle did not get up there of their own skills.  SO you cannot help but wonder what idiot put it up there in the first place.  That would be Sarah Palin.  One cannot help but notice how the far far right loves her, and donates tons of money, but also every time she speaks the poll numbers for McCain go down.  Why?  The moderates just cannot imagine voting for such a right wing extremist. 

To her credit, Sarah Palin can make run on sentences last for minutes.  She can randomly connect dozens of different thoughts into a single sentence WITHOUT TAKING A BREATH.  That is a skill I have looked for for many years in a woman, but without the talking part.

FOX NEWS.  So much for fair and balanced.  I always thought they had a great business strategy against the obviously biased other media outlets. They at least made somewhat of an attempt to give both sides some air.  NOT NOW!  They are completely in the tank for McCain, so much so it is now just another tedious channel.  What is the point of watching, no new information will be offered. 

SEAN HANNITY.  God this man has become annoying.  He will latch on to a few talking points and repeat them incessantly, interrupting guests, going off topic just to say the same thing about reverend Wright or Bill Ayers over and over and over.  Just now he seems to have realized the public is sick of it and he is trying to talk about the economy.  Too late, and early voiting has begun and votes are getting locked in….

BILL OREILLY.  Another one who for a long time, didn’t try to hide his beliefs but rather presented unbalanced data under the “guise of you decide”.  While it was transparent, it was not offensive.  Now he has even dropped that with his incessant and not too subtle attacks on OBAMA in everything from talking points to guest selection.  He was once a daily viewing event, no more.  Disgusting.  Even my cable box no longer starts up on fox news. 

DRUDGE REPORT.  I always thought this was a cool news clipping service until I started paying attention.  This man selectively cuts and posts anything that might sound like it gives McCain an edge.  When a new poll comes out in favor of OBAMA, he will post the average just to lower the impact.  He has driven me to his source sites to try and eliminate the bias.

Don’t get me wrong, ideologicaly I want to be a conservative republican.  small government and low taxes and the like.  Unfortunately, George Bush made me start paying attention as he consistently did the opposite of what he promised.  As a result, I have come to see the GOP as the old rich white man’s party and I am disgusted.  From lying about how Acorn works (sorry they don’t register voters), trying to keep the poor from voting ( I still think we should vote based on taxes sent in, but until then…), and using falsehoods to try to scare people into voting for them, I see the ghosts of Barry Goldwater and Richard Nixon.  It was not Fannie Mae and Freddie MAC that casued the housing and banking crisis, it was the pure greed of a few and deregulation led by Phil Gramm that caused it.

In the end, like Hillary, McCain has to take responsibility for a flawed strategy.  He didn’t manage these talking heads, and they went out of control.  He got angry against MR. Prozac.  Oh how Obama wishes he could play poker with him.  He let these people drive his agenda, instead of being himself.  But he will share the limelight once again with George Bush as part of the dynamic duo that destroyed the republican party.  After all, the talking heads will still collect 7 figures after the election by bashing the man they had destroyed in the first place.

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  1. Widetrack says:

    Nick, I agree with your assessment of Rush Windbag, Bill O’Bigmouth ET. Al. They will continues to mindlessly blather on for the next seven days to promote the doddering old man McCain and then revert to the same old pro Republican mantra espoused during the Clinton era. The scripts are already written. I can hear it now! Background papers rustling in the microphone, indignant reaction and opposition to anything the dems and Obama propose. Snapple commercials blaring and Bill hawking books and other useless crap.

    EIB = Excessive Irrelevant Blather

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