Listening to the radio talking heads on the conserviative side is depressing.  They continue with the rant of anti gay marriage, strong borders, no abortions.  While these are important issues, the real issue for everyone is the economy and the future of their children.  Letting the Christian right continue to make social issues a political issue is the death knell for republicans.  These talking heads continue with the mantra that the solution to the economy is “freedom”.  Freedom for whom?  For the same characters who pillaged us in the first place?  If anything they should be put in jail and denied their freedom.

The talking heads argue against moderation but rather they should go hard right and the rest of AMERICA will follow.  It is a sad commentary on our education system that these so called pundits either skipped or failed political science 101.

 My current rant is it is no longer about free enterprise, as it is now proven that truly unfettered free enterprise will loot virtually everyone.  Our roots were in innovations that arose from small business creation.  Those are the roots we need to get back to…..

Let Freedom ring, but let it be rung by the individual, not a small group of bible toting fanatics. 

 FREE Entrepreneurs, NOT Capitalists!

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