The End of RETIREMENT as WE Knew it?

With the collapse of real estate and the stock market I find it interesting to note no one seems to be talking much about the status of retirement accounts.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to infer that if you are relying on a corporate pension it may be at risk.  Actually I guarantee it is at risk.  During the boom many corporate CFO’s would invest in the stock market as it was growing faster than inflation and made the retirement fund appear fully funded.  In fact, some companies actually made withdrawals as they were appearing to be overfunded.  That was a good one, that anyone could say any retirement fund is overfunded is beyond reason.  Until the average age of longevity declines NO retirement fund can be overfunded!

Sooner or later we will begin to hear about this as the next shoe that drops.  Of course, reptriating those profits, created outsized performance bonuses for management of those companies, yet I bet noone attempts to claw it back…..


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