I see the UAW is shedding 63,000 more jobs.  BUT they aren’t cutting benefits.  There is absolutely no doubt the UAW cannot fund the retirement commitments they have made as the incoming cash flow is declining precipitously.  That is why they are accepting stock.  Specifically, this will ultimately get dumped on the federal government (read you and me) and they will keep equity for themselves (i.e. management).  Did you know the typical union dues into this organization is over $100 a month!  There are 10’s of thousands of boomers just entering the retirement phase in this organization, mark my words they will be disappointed.

What about all this electricity hoo ha.  WE desperately need a Manhattan style project to launch geothermal and nuclear energy programs.  Do you know that the latest technology in nuclear reactors does not require human or computer management.  Specifically, they can be designed from scratch such that neither a leak or meltdown is possible.  This is done br architecting a “pile” that runs at a constant temperature with or without coolant.

 What about batteries for cars, ipods, computers and every other portable device.  America is dead!  We don’t own either the patents or the manufacturing capability.  China, Korea and Japan are the players.  But China has a lock on sources for the rare earth metals.  America shut its mines long ago, another area we desperately need to relaunch.

 But no, we continue with the too and fro of politics with the nightmare scenario of the incompetent (democrats) trying to reconcile the problems created by criminals (republicans).


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