What is Wrong with Capitalism

Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed the benefits of what is called a capitalist society, yet it nags at me when I watch what it is doing to our society.  I have come to realize we worship at the wrong altar.  Specifically we should deify the entrepreneurs, NOT the large organizations. 

 America was built by entrepreneurs.  How do you think a western town would learn of new tools, building materials and the like.  Simply reading the paper, rumors or some other method?  Not likely, in fact it was a legion of salesmen that carried the message of new products to far west cities, with samples.  Whether it was clothing, or spices, or liquor the demand was created and did not just simply materialize. 

 Fast forward to today.  We frequently hear that big companies like GM, AIG, Merrill Lynch and the like are “Too Big To Fail”.  We should instead demand “Too big MUST Fail”.  The reason is big then funds lobbyists, buys politicians, corrupts business practices.  We create significant tax incentives for these big organizations as a result, when in fact, it should be just the opposite.  We should incentivize, deify, teach, and reward those that form the fabric of that portion of our entrepreneurial society.  One cannot help but notice that is the way new immigrants survive in this country.  They bring goods and services ranging from ethnic restaurants, to window washing, to taxi driving at very competitive prices. 

Many argue that this entrepreneurialsim hurts their jobs.  If you are selling your sweat and someone wants to sell it for less so be it.  It is up to you to find a way to make your sweat different, whether it be faster, cheaper or better.

 Healthcare comsumes nearly 20% of our entire GDP!  Does anybody doubt this is big business at work?.  Does anybody doubt our method of capitalism provides DISINCENTIVES for pharmaceutical companies to tell you about low cost natural alternatives to what they offer? 

How about Wall Street?  Do they get rewarded by your success?  No, they get rewarded by volume so the incentives are misplaced.  Get big funds to manage, to big to succeed even.  But get that 2% fee!. 

 The republican party always argues for complete deregulation in the name of capitalism.  WE have proof it doesn’t work.  Unfortunately, Democrats argue for income redistribution and unionization, and that is proven not to work as well.

 We desperately need an alternative to these choices.  California is living proof you cannot vote your way out of a mess.  Simply put we need new leadership.  Failing that, we need to take control of our destiny.

 One of the core tenets of capitalism is scale.  You supposedly need to get really big to keep prices down.  This strategy is now bankrupt in the face of even bigger scale organizations arising out of China.  The rate of change is increasing.  Little organizations change faster than big ones.  We should embrace, and incentivize these structures, ideas, products and the like. 

Do you really believe careers incorporate America are coming back?  Then you must also believe manufacturing jobs are coming back.  How about commercial real estate prices? If you do stop reading now.  Sorry, this is a time when every man, woman and child must restructure their future.  When you confront that need and do it, the future has never looked brighter, but if you are waiting for a return of the “good ole days” you are guaranteed to be disappointed.

 How about education?  Are your children following the same old paths, knowing there are 1000’s more learning faster and better the same subjects?  Are you insuring their future by making certian it is different than computer science, or nursing.  Insted of it being something you complete, why not teach it is something you seek, and you wil never be done?

We need to rise up an embrace entrepreneurialism. 

 As a side note, did anyone even notice that Goldman Sachs admitted front running your stock trades, and had the gall to defend the position?  This is an organization that has fleeced America for over 100 years, bubble to bubble, and with increasing frequency to boot.

Raise your head, look around, pay attention, now is the time to change your future, millions of others are..

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