The Rate of Technological Innovations is SLOWING

Maybe I am just bored, but it seems to me the rate of technological innovation is slowing not increasing.  Sure we make smaller and smaller chips resulting in more powerful computers and cheap memory.  SO?

 It takes just as long to fly to Australia as it did 30 years ago.

Hot cars today are only marginally faster than those of 40 years ago.

The “wow” of 3D movies is old.  Heck the movie the “tingler” had beter sensory stimulation 30 years ago than the crap we get today.

Television “technology” has changed but few doubt the quality of the story telling has improved much.

Didn’t we go to the moon 40 years ago, and then?

 The average person seems even less educated when measured by the three “R”‘s of reading riting and rithmetic. lol

Boats are still boats, pretty much the same. 

Waterskiing same.

Snow skiing? ok they invented boards an improvement.

 Let’s see… motorola brick to today’s iphone, cool but I am not impressed.

Where are the aliens? 

Where are the monsters?

Where are the zombies?

As I write this I realize I am in fact wrong.  Technology has truly accelerated..consider….

You no longer have to pay your mortgage.

You no longer have to pay doctors.

You can collect unemployment forever.

Now we have 3 card poker, and Pai GOW!

What I want to know is who decided these things?

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