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Rarely do I find an opinion better than mine…BUT

Bill Maher said it best..

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This Election vote for the PEOPLE

Our Country constituition is based on “by the people”.  Nobody thinks we are on the right track. Our economy is a shambles, no jobs for average people, currency risk and worst of all destabilizing politics around the world.  In the … Continue reading

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Afghanistan Revisited

Why are we making this so hard?  OVER 1000 of our finest dead already.  We know from our own history fighting guerillas is very difficult.  N fact, unless citizens are part of the fight it is hopeless. As long as … Continue reading

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How Politicians Systematically Destroyed our Energy Strategy

This is intended to make you rethink everything you are told by poiticians and the media.  There are several disparate points that all come back to the things our poiticians do…  First, do you wonder why we are drilling a … Continue reading

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Open the Border!

I cannot help but think the answer to our failure to open the borders cannot be fixed by racing to close it after 30 milllion people have been let through.  You have to admit it is a disgrace that we … Continue reading

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