Open the Border!

I cannot help but think the answer to our failure to open the borders cannot be fixed by racing to close it after 30 milllion people have been let through. 

You have to admit it is a disgrace that we can secure the borders of Iraq, and Afghanistan and not our own.

Why don’t we negotiate an OPEN BORDER INITIATIVE with Mexico.  It would be simple.  Any mexican citizen coudl enter freely just as any American coudl enter mexico freely.  Similarly we would normalize real estate ownership such that Americans could freely own beach property in Mexico.

Then we could take the best of our southern boys, and MONTANA ones to and simply pit our best against the drug army, while buying up all the good property and simply let the chips fall where they may.  MExicans could return hom to booming construction jobs offered by Americans building on their beaches..

just a thought

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