How Politicians Systematically Destroyed our Energy Strategy

This is intended to make you rethink everything you are told by poiticians and the media.  There are several disparate points that all come back to the things our poiticians do…

 First, do you wonder why we are drilling a mile deep in the ocean for oil?  If you haven’t thought about it you should.  Do you believe America doesn’t have any oil closer to the surface?  As BP has said repeatedly, the depth is what makes the repair so challenging.  so why are we drilling in such a challenging environment in the first place?

The fact is we have tremendous amounts of oil much closer to shore all around the United States.  But nobody wants to see it.  So just as Kennedy didn’t want windmills he could see from Hyannisport, Calironians don’t want more derricks in the Channel.  Similarly, Floridians dont’ want them to be seen, and all land based sources of new wells, shale oil etc. get killed by environmental concerns.  Teh net result is we banish the oil companies to very difficult places to drill for oil.

So now let’s fast forward to hybrid cars.  Travel the world and you will not see hybrids anywhere but America.  Not in Europe, not in Asia, in fact not even in Japan, at least not in the numbers liek the U.S.   Why is this?  You need to ask this question to understand what is going on in America.

 Briefly, Europe never had any oil so they primarily relied on outisde sources until the UK found some.  So unlike americas sweet oil from Texas they had to rely on high sulfur sources like in the Middle East.  So America had the luxury of building refineries that used cleaner oil than most of the rest of the world.  But as we passed laws making our oil unavailable we didn’t have the proper infrastructure to process external oil, nor the willingness to pay for it.

This is important to understand how various societies developed their strategy based on their sources.  Europeans learned diesel was higher in energy density than gas, and much more reliable besides.  So since diesel fuel is the easiest to refine they focused on burning it cleanly and they solved the problem.  So they have cars that last much longer than ours (imagine the horror in the Government Motors board room at the idea of cars that last 2-3x as long!).  I estimate half of all cars in europe are small diesels, NOT HYBRIDS!  Long lasting, no battery polution in limited landfills etc.

Now look at Brazil.  Similarly until very recently they had no oil.  So they either had to buy it or do something different.  They developed very small cars that run on alcohol.  After all they could produce sugar better than anyone!  Unfortunately politicians in America had already sold out to the 4 sugar cane families.  This is what makes consumers pay twice as much for sugar as it is on the world market.  Just check your commodity quotes!  So we decide to come up with the craziest method for alcohol, CORN!  Never mind it is nowhere as efficient as sugar cane, we will just have taxpayers subsidize it!  Sure it hammers food, and gas engines but oh well.

 The point of this is the American voter has been hoodwinked.  The fact is nuclear energy is safe, it is growing everywhere else but here.  In fact, while we were the pioneer we are no longer competitive.  Just like in televisions! 

 Diesel fuel is clean and safe.  But we choose complex hybrid technologies that we don’t even own.  We are way behind in battery technology as well, virtually guaranteeing our dependence on China and Korea.

 The point is if you are an American citizen and you care about the future of your country you need to learn more about what you are told.  Question everything, use the internet to research why things happen, ask your friends what do they “know” not what they “think”.  Only because the traditional media is part of the conspiracy.

 Stop being a victim and become a citizen!

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