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Enough said?

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Two Scoops for the Price of ONE?

No I am not talking about ice cream…I am talking about housing.  Most people seem to think housing is recovering..I live in Las Vegas, so I may be biased.  But…  Housing is NOT out of the woods.  There is a … Continue reading

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New Jobs in Environmental Cleansing

So now it has been reported that people who wash the poor ducks and pelicans earn up to $17 an hour in the gulf. It seems like a pretty good job in this climate, so here is a glimse of … Continue reading

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Lame DUCKS more Wild than Ever!

With what appears to be a return to sanity by american voters, many of the crazy spendthrift politicians are already lame ducks.  So instead of going quietly they are endeavoring to spend even more money on their way out the … Continue reading

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Clean up the spill FAST

So obviously cleaning up the oil is going to be a monumental challenge. Noone would argue against doing anything that would expedite the process.  Why not let our prison population volunteer?  We could offer them 2x for time served.  Normally, … Continue reading

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How to solve our fiscal mess

Not just the federal government but states across America are going  to go bankrupt.  Democratic states now pay more than the free market for gonvernment workers, and provide better pensions and health care than the private sector.  Public service is … Continue reading

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The Greatest Energy Discovery in History?

Has it occurred to anyone that the bright side of this AWFUL AWFUL oil disaster is it might be the greatest energy discovery in U.S. history? First it is 5000 feet underwater.  The pressure exceeds 150 Atmospheres!  We are something like 7 … Continue reading

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We NEED to create a GLUT of Energy

Environmentalists are going to hate this….But here goes…Especially with pictures of oil soaked pelicans so fresh in our minds….they make me angry but…..  We are rightfully concerned about our large deficits and how long they can continue before our currency … Continue reading

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There is no doubt Cassius Clay  aka Muhammad Ali was a great boxer.  He was a famous strategist with his Rope a dope strategy.  Watching the lack of response to the oil spill has made me realize that people who … Continue reading

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